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Sanfe Stand And Pee Women Disposable Cups (20 Units) Female Urination Device

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  • Contains 20 menstrual-friendly and leak-proof funnels designed by IIT Delhi
  • It is specially made for pregnant women, working women, college girls, and women with joint problems
  • No more withholding your urge to pee, no more trying to squat or hover over the toilet seat
  • Ideal for use in public washrooms at schools, colleges, offices, metro stations; Airports, railways, and restaurants
  • Use and throw products, women can stand and pee in all unhygienic toilets
  • Country of Origin: India

Sanfe Stand And Pee Disposable Cups (20 Units) Female Urination Device

Don’t let the fear of infection from dirty washrooms or knee pain stop you from achieving what you desire. Stand up for yourself using Sanfe Stand And Pee Women Disposable Cups.

Sanfe is India’s first biodegradable and menstrual-friendly female urination device which eliminates public washroom fear of catching infections like UTI. Sanfe help avoid dirty toilet seats by providing freedom to stand and pee allowing women to stay infection-free. With self adjustable design, Sanfe is gentle on skin and leak proof. Ideal for working women, college girls, pregnant women and women with joint problems, Sanfe find its best use in public washrooms while travelling in railways, metro stations, airports and while at outdoors in offices, colleges and restaurants. Ergonomically designed Sanfe helps you avoid holding urine, wiping toilet seats and hovering over them. Easy to use and pocket friendly, Sanfe let you stand up for yourself and keep your body healthy and hygienic.


Travelling Women

pee buddy

Pregnant Women


Railways and Airports

pee buddy

Public Toilets

pee buddy


No more holding urine in search of a clean toilet.



It saves you from infections & bad experiences at dirty toilets.



Peeing while standing does not strain the knees.



It allows you to urinate while standing up.

pee buddy

Step 1

Open the flaps in the direction of arrows and push using thumb to form a funnel.

pee buddy

Step 2

Place it in position, under the genitals, with broad side of the funnel facing upwards.

pee buddy

Step 3

Bend a little towards the commode. Relax and pee.

pee buddy

Step 4

Dispose the urination device in a dustbin. Do not


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